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Data Tape Recovery

  Magnetic tape has been used for data storage for over 50 years. In this time, many advances in tape formulation, packaging, and data density have been made. Modern magnetic tape is most commonly packaged in cartridges and cassettes. The device that performs actual writing or reading of data is a tape drive. Autochangers and tape libraries are frequently used to automate cartridge handling.

When storing large amounts of data, tape can be substantially less expensive than disk or other data storage options. Tape storage has always been used with large computer systems. Modern usage is primarily as a high capacity medium for backups and archives. As of 2007 the highest capacity tape cartridge (DLT-S4) can store 800 GB of data without using compression. Its capacity is larger than the largest hard disk (750 GB) currently on the market while its form factor is smaller.

Recovering data from tape cartridges is a highly specialized procedure. Major Reasons that cause tape failure inclde:

Broken tape

Natural disasters such as earthquake
Fire / Flood
Power failure
Terrorist attacks
Organized or deliberate disruptions
System and/or equipment failures
Human error
Computer viruses

Expertise on data recovery, data backup services ,  Canaan is the most trusted service provider in the U.S.A., our technicians and engineers are a highly skilled team of trained and experienced, we use the best Art-of-The Sate equipments to fulfill your data archive/backup/recovery project. We provide FREE diagnose service to our clients, no recovered data, no charge!

When data failure occurs, the first thing to remember is not to be frustrated, do NOT take any further recovery actions by yourself.  At Canaan Data Recovery Service Group. we fully understand the importance of your data. We don't boast a claim of 100% successful recovery ratio, but we do have an excellent data recovery record, we'll use our experience to provide you with fast and reliable service in order to get your data back into stable working status.


Chronologial list of tape formats


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