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Expertise on data recovery, data backup services ,  Canaan is the most trusted service provider in the U.S.A., our technicians and engineers are a highly skilled team of trained and experienced, we use the best Art-of-The Sate equipments to fulfill your Laptop data archive/backup/recovery project. We provide FREE diagnose service to our clients, no recovered data, no charge!

When Laptop  failure occurs, the first thing to remember is not to be frustrated, do NOT take any further recovery actions by yourself.  At Canaan Data Recovery Service Group. we fully understand the importance of your data. We don't boast a claim of 100% successful recovery ratio, but we do have an excellent data recovery record, we'll use our experience to provide you with fast and reliable service in order to get your data back into stable working status.

10 common reasons of losing laptop data:

  • Laptop falling down: When laptop computer get fallen down from your hand, no major damage is supposed to happen. However, if you get extremely unlucky then the bad impact may cause you lose data.
  • Sitting on a laptop: I am sure it is not common but sometimes when you are out of your mind, it can happen. Often, we destroy our spectacles and watches or even mobile phones this way- dont we?
  • Pet urine: Your cat or dog may feel to urinate on laptop computers after they get amazed with the beauty. It can happen frequently.
  • Virus: If viruses can destroy the data of your desktop PC why they should leave alone the data of your laptop?
  • Burn victim: Fire can burn everything including a laptop and damage its hard disk.
  • Liquids are enemies: tea or coffee, water or fruit juice- all of them can cause devastation for laptop data.
  • Crash: Hard disk crashes for desktops quite often. Naturally, same can happen for laptop hard disks too.
  • Data deletion: Sometimes, you may just accidentally delete the data and then regret it. Well, accidents happen and that is why there are so many insurance companies.
  • Corrupt Partitions: If you are not a tech savy person then you may not understand about it well but it happens quite often for desktop pcs too.
  • Software failures: In the tech world, all is not well all the time. So, software failures may cause data loss too.
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