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Bridgewater, New Jersey September 26, 2007 Canaan Data Service Group, a subsidiary of Canaan Technologies, the leading service provider for data recovery/ data restoration products and services, today announces its partnership with Veritext to help them to restore and enhance therir clients' data.

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About Canaan Data Service Group.

Canaan Data Service Group provides technology-driven services and tools to help business and government entities as well as consumers restore, diagnose, produce and present data efficiently and cost-effectively. By uisng its own software, Canaan Data Service Group provides the following services: file data recovery, disk data recovery, computer data recovery, windows data recovery, cd data recovery, card data recovery, flash data recovery, forensic data recovery, ntfs data recovery, backup data recovery , computer recovery, computer file recovery, forensic computer recovery, computer hard drive recovery, hard disk crash recovery, disaster recovery, restore backup, backup recovery, data disaster recovery, backup disaster recovery, computer disaster recovery, disaster recovery services, diskette recovery, diskette data recovery, disk recovery, windows disk recovery, xp disk recovery, disks recovery, floppy disk recovery, boot disk recovery, memory recovery, memory card recovery, memory data recovery, memory card data recovery, flash memory recovery, sd memory recovery, sd card memory recovery, flash memory data recovery, memory card file recovery, laptop recovery, toshiba laptop recovery, laptop hard drive recovery, laptop hard disk recovery, paper and electronic discovery, jury consulting, ESI consulting, and presentation services. Canaan Data Service Group is a technology services division of Canaan Technologies. For more information about Canaan Technologies and its offerings please visit;

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