Thats great
hi sam,
Thats great.  even though I do not under stand all those files you sent me, I can see you got the pictures.
I have been in the computer business a long time (25 years) so I know alot of people and companies that will need your service.  I have passed your name on to a local computer company who fix computers on a lower level.  I went to them first before I found you.  They could not fix it and they did not recommand another place. They sugguested I go on the internet and look for a site with a clean room.
They have been calling me once a week to see if you fixed it and how much.  They were impressed by what I told them. He will be calling you today.
Can I pay by credit card or do you want me to send a check.  Please let me know.
Marybeth Guzman
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